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Luisa was born in Rome, Italy, on May 1976, and she is based in Berlin (Germany), since January 2005. Established world wide freelance illustrator, graphic designer and photographer, with big passion for art.
Since September 2009 she opens and directs Cell63 artplatform in Berlin, curating a new exhibition every month and a half, a big performance festivals once per year and various cultural events weekly.

As artist she exhibited all around Europe, USA and Japan in well renown galleries as much as in art fairs, festivals and big events.
She became recently the correspondent in Berlin for INSIDEART and contributor for Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.






Born in Berlin in October 2009, from an idea of the Italian artist Luisa Catucci, Cell63 artplatform is a meeting and working point for artists and designers from the international scene. Graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, painters, musicians, video makers and performers are working in the space as personal studio and as art collective developing exhibitions, artistic actions, events, presentations and new art concepts. The space itself was planned so to be easily transformed from a studio to a proper clean place to exhibit, present or host artistic happenings.Direction already shown by the number 63 itself, which in the Italian traditional numerology is the number protecting artists and dreamers.



"I've being working with Fenia Kotsopoulou as dancer and performer artist since the very begin of my gallery's activity and in the last 3 year we did so many things together, gallery's openings, art fairs, events and still every single time I watch Fenia moving I feel so moved. Fenia is not only a great dancer, but she really knows how to develop a concept and interact properly with the contest and the public. The performances she had in my gallery were studied and prepared for the exhibition, were related with the artworks hanged on the wall, but never in a cheesy fast way. When she dance she makes me dream, laugh, cry ravishing me away".  Luisa Catucci

Big Re-Opening of Cell63 Artplatform

November 15, 2013

Cell63 artgallery transformed itself  to CELL63 ARTPLATFORM. A big re-opening evening to celebrate a new beggining.


Exhibition of artists:  Luisa Catucci  // Nelja Stump // Serena Salvadori


Sound: Mackack (Dj) /// Jah Fish (DJ) /// DubNumb (live)


PerformanceFenia Kotsopoulou - dance improvisation

June 15, 2012

The space will be transformed in a Earthly Paradise, thanks to the work of the artist Margherita Leoni, “Paradiso Terrestre”, an installation of Digital Art on canvas, that will cover the walls of the gallery’s entry room, creating the illusion of entering in the Garden of Eden.
Margherita Leoni’s work is the result of 10 years spent in the Brazilian Jungle painting on watercolor the flowers and plants surrounding her and now recomposed, overlapped, joint and often exaggerated in proportions to emphasize the nature’s importance and uniqueness, as an indispensable part of our life. We live in a potentially paradisiac World, very rich in life, but we quite often forget it.
The paradisiac sensation in the show is reinforced by the presence of the surreal and mystical Creatures by Frauke Danzer, which are evidently coming from outer worlds, in virtue of their purity and sincerity, they look like being the natural inhabitant of the Garden of Even.


Performance by: enia Kotsopoulou, Simona Di Lucchio, The Sewing Machine, Alice Masprone

Month of Performance Art: Alice in Anima(L)and

May 18, 2012

Participation to the annual MPA (Month of Performance Art) in Berlin with the performance "Alice in Anima(L)and".


The atmosphere in Cell63 is constantly changing. Every artist who passes through leaves something of himself in the space. But this space is already inhabited by a being called Alice. She comes from Animaland – a land of the unforeseen and the untold. In a series of performances in Cell63, the changing exhibitions of  Images, Photos, and Illustrations become for Alice an inspiration to tell an evolving body tale. This time she brings herself  nine secret words. To finish the story and be able to go on, Alice needs to find the 10th element, The key-word. What kind of world is the Animaland? What body tale does Alice bring from there this time? What will she take with her this time? Which is the missing element?he greek dancer and performer Fenia Kotsopoulou will follow these questions in an intenseperformance research.

April 25, 2012


Improvisation dance performance by Fenia Kotsopoulou | Topi Barbara Berti
and body performance ‘The period’ by Nike Brass Alghisio, Trace Litan, Otto Zazzero and Laura Energia.

February 19, 2012

Animals, wild animals, domestic animals, anthropomorphous animals, humanized animals. Humans, wild humans, domestic humans, protean human, animalized humans. “My family and other animals”, by the homonym book of the English zoologist Gerald Durell, present a beautiful family portait sui generis, were the family relationship and the relationship with the surrounding world, especially the animal one, in unison lend themselves to bizarre interpretations, taking unexpected and surprising directions.


Performance by: Fenia Kotsopoulou, Simona DiLucchio, Sina Nikolaus

January 27, 2012

GPR (Ground-penetrating radar) is a geophysical method that uses radar pulses to image the subsurface, but on January the 27th GPR has been the acronym of three most exciting Italian artists – Garavini, Pacini and Rinedda – which are using strong piercing pictures to image the subsurface of our times.


with improvisation dance performance by Fenia Kotsopoulou and Maria Pyatkova
and body performance by The Sewing Machine

Exhibition: "Anonymous Art Vs Pia Fernandez”

September 01, 2011

Allegories from the past become stylized icons of the present. Visual imaginary and folk-belief, this is the backdrop for the exhibition “Anonymous Art Vs Pia Fernandez”.
Their art has a match point in the contemporary revision of ancient myths and figures handed down by oral and written traditions. Although presented in different terms and through different techniques, this myths and figures re-emerge in a common memory, staying beyond every geographical boundary.


Improvisation by Fenia Kotsopoulou and Pavlos Kountouriotis



May 05, 2011

Francesco D´Isa solo show
Opening on 6th of May with Body Performance of Tha sewing Machine and dance improvisation of Fenia Kotsopoulou & Simona Di Lucchio.

BLOOM Art Fair

October 30, 2010

Performance  at the 2010 Bloom Art Fair with Cell63 Art Gallegry, Cologne, Germany.



Exhibition: "Animal Wisdom"

June 03, 2010

In Nicoz Balboa’s Illustrations there are living girlies with red airs, vintage-style boots and balloon-sleeved dresses and skirts and SM leather masks. This Girlies are mysterious, silent and quite often good friends with anthropomorphic animals, also very silent. Nicoz likes to create a world which doesn’t exist, but in which she would like to live in..and also many of us. She imagines herself travelling on the back of a magic three-eyed white bear or with a deer of the Enchanted Forest, she sees these Girlies, dressed like a bunch of SadoMaso Alices in Wonderland going to the King’s ball.


Performance (dance and music): Fenia Kotsopoulou and TB Guanda

Body art by : The Sewing Machine

Exhibition: "STRANGE: solo show by Stefano Stranges"

April 02, 2010

“Strange” is a work-in-progress which is moulding itself and growing.
It is made of several portraits of people of different ages coming from different cultures and backgrounds. All these people have their face partially covered by a layer of cellophane.
There is a distinct shaping game in each portrait, which has the objective of conveying a sense of “transparent oppression”, a feeling particularly up-to-date.


Improvisation by Fenia Kotsopoulou


November 14, 2009

Based on a project by RESPIRA on the relation between woman and nature, a photography group exhibition resulted from a competition edited by Cell63 artplatform.



Agatha Strzalka | Alessia Cocca | Anna Bodnar | Anna Palmer | Berenice Kesselring |
Chiara Coccorese | Chiara Mazzocchi | Cristina Francova | Giulia Cassano | Lia G. |
Luisa Catucci | Maria Semmer | Urszula Kluz Knopek


Dance improvisation by Mariella Celia, Simona Di Lucchio, Fenia Kotsopoulou


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photo art

Fenia has been Luisa's model for the Artworks serie (2014):

" It’s all Laszlo’s fault"

inspired by the incredible works of Bauhaus’s artist Laszlo Moholy-Nagy.


To see the entire serie click here:

Photo-shooting at Treptow Park in Berlin (2012)

Fenia has inspired some of Luisa's illustrations.

To see more of Luisa's artworks, please visit:

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