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Portfolio (designed and edited by Fenia Kotsopoulou)

Photo Documentation 2014-2015

A selection of photo doumentation in the fields of dance, theatre, performance/installatin, exhibition and workshops, from Dec 2014 - Dec 2015.

Contains works by: BA Dance and Drama (University of Lincoln), Kate Buckley, Amy Hewitt, General Practice collective, X- Church,  Katie and Rebecca Beinart and more.


A photo project in which performance, photography, documentation and post-processing are interwoven in order to create an alternative imagery generated from the original live event revealing new ways of experiencing it. This book portfolio showcases few examples of this project. The original photographs from the documentation of the performance/installation are displayed on the left side while the manipulation of the photo inspired by the piece are displayed on the right side. Featured artworks by: Kate Buckley, Amy Hewitt, General Practice, Rebecca & Katy Beinart.


Compound images as an attempt to portray the spatial complexity, the social diversity of a city and the inherent emotions emerging from the fusion of urban landscape and people. HyperAthens is the reflection of Athens and of all who inhabit the city.


A photo project inspired by the concept of “non ­place” by Marc Augé, refering to places that can be not defined as relational, historical and concerned with identity. What might be a “non­place” to someone can be a place to someone else. Abandoned places give the sensation of accumulated histories, familiar territories, forgotten places on the verge of regeneration where a”liminal” experience take place once you inhabit them.


Time in the garden is for finding forgotten moments. The passage of time reflected in rust and mildew. Once they were objects used to create, destroy, work and play, but now they are just abandoned pieces of haunted memories. Traces of humanity. Intimacy and proximity with a world that is so close but still so far away. Traces of you. Traces of invisible inhabitants. Traces of objects and stories you tell yourself while capturing moments. A single shot.


Curatorial portfolio of the mini-festival "Interconnectivity and Live Art", held in Lincoln performing arts centre- University of Lincoln (UK)



This is the portfolio from "VULVOgraphy: practice-led research on performance and photography from a female point of view" - that focuses on the hybridization of performance&photography to explore ways to escape implied phallocentrism within the practice of photography It contains: A book 158 pages ( Hardback with printed cover, matt uncoated paper, 21x21), brochure of exhibition, photo book ( 18×18 cm 34 Pages), Vulvamera(internal-external body), manual, aluminium Tool Box (310x240x130mm) Link of project:


Limited copies: price £300

(info at:




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