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Our collaborative work is an attempt to find a common language between our disciplines of performance and dance/instant composition, technology and programming in order to represent and transliterate emotional states present in and generated by situation, architecture and space.

Our research deals with time, the latent resonance between body and space, and the question of self- image in the context of temporal, liminal : realities.

We seek to capture psychic reaction to space through site specific instant composition for camera, backed ­up with sensitive processing and post production to reveal a hidden depth :
realities past, present, unknown and unseen.

We draw our inspiration from direct and reflexive relation to place using photo and video as a medium to capture movement through time in public and often abandoned spaces as metaphors for the public / private dualities present in every day life, hidden life­past and the overlooked human interaction with the built environment ­ highlighting both the fragmented nature of the psyche and the temporal gloss through which we filter our everyday experience of people, story and place.

iterative dialogue we are building a production process to take account of the boundaries and dialogues between space and movement, pixels and code in order to realise a unified expressive output where performance is an enhancement of (rather than a reaction to) space, and where code becomes integral to the expression (and not just a ready-made video effect applied in post-production).

Our process uses a combination of
fluid intuition and hard algorithmic logic often creating custom workflows from scratch on a piece by piece basis. More specifically, our combined toolkit comprises instant-composition, photo/videography, coding, patching, improvisation and algorithmic animation.





Daz is an independent digital practitioner from UK. Primarily a selftaught music and sound technologist specialising in large-format and surround : systems design and content facilitation.

He started as a musician playing in bands in the mid 90s, fell through the studio glass into sound engineering and after a while got into more complicated productions in surround sound and sound-art for gallery and museum settings. He publishes studio software for musicians and producers, which eventually lead to him getting involved with ‘SoundSpiral’ ( for the London 2012 ‘Cultural Olympiad’ - a project to create an inflatable venue with a 52 channel embedded sound system for which he wrote some software and designed the playback stack - and he has been running the venue since 2013 as part of the ‘Olympic Legacy’.

Daz is freelance engineer providing expert support to artists & organisations. His role is to act as interface between Artist and hardware, dream and reality, facilitating the Artist in making appropriate choices to create the smoothest path from ideas to outcomes.

In regards to his recent artistic work and research,  a primary motivator is to discover a new temporal perspective and to question the validity of linear 'reality'​. Daz is Artist in Residence at SlumGothic (x-church) with open-ended role of exploring the nature of "residency" in the SlumGothic / x-church / STAP context alongside : Alec Shepley, Kate Buckley, Michael Bowdidge, Joana Cifre Cerdà, Frank Kent and Fenia Kotsopoulou under the curatorial guidance of Marcus & Hillary Hammond and Verity Francoise Martha.

In reagrds



Daz and Fenia started collaborating in April 2013 and since then they have produced several experimental video, music video clips, and short dance video, participating in different festivals, (online exhibitions) around Europe, Latin America, USA and Skandinavia.



Two of seventy seven: an outsider's view || 11:00 ||video art-experimental

Becoming Baphomet: The Dawning Era || 6:00 | music video clip-video art

Carriage return || 1:00 || dance video

There's no limit to your "love" || 4:00 || Music video clip -video art

Here but not here at all at the same time || 9:15 || Experimental/Slit scan

Unrevisitation || 1:00 || 60 seconds dance video

Timeolive : Dancing Solo (Official video) || 4:31 || music video clip

Woodland Encounter || 5:15 || Experimental/Slit scan video art

Sunray (official video) || 5:06 || Music video clip

INner Space Revisited || 6:59 || Experimental video dance

video art

There's a change on the horizon - and it starts with YOU, because that is what THEY are afraid of :

that, which THEY fear : will make US stronger
that which : they FEAR WILL make us STRONGER
that WITCH they FEAR, is BAPHOMET -

She is Me, She is You; She is who we should have been all along,
with her savage beauty and brutal wisdom.

Pick up your horns, step through the frame - and deal with it - it won't always be easy, but we'll do it together.

Original Music : Speira & KK
With additional double bass by Stefano Risso

TWO OF SEVENTY SEVEN: an outsider's view (2017)

Virtual tour of Chicago locating archive photography in a google earth animated tour, presented from the viewpoint of a synthetic community drawn from images of people found within the archive. The work represents several nested realities, pre/post/liminal and imaginary as the “metafilm” rewinds from most recent to most historic photo/location pair. Created as part of the Chicago Year of Public Arts 2017.


..and while she keeps on drawing circles around the table of lost memories, she remembers Corrine when she was singing to her:

"Here I am in my home.
Nobody Knows where I happen to go
Maybe you Know ..."

single shot in which the camera follows the dancer while the dancer follows the camera and both draw circles around the table of memories. The old gramophone and its repetitive rhythm create another cyclical movement. Does such a thing as a straight line exists?

Dance: Fenia Kotsopoulou
Camera: Daz Disley
Edit/post: Fenia Kotsopoulou

Music: Pitman's Gramophone Course of Typewriter Keyboard Instruction - part 1
courtesy of Chinstrap Music

There's no limit to your "love" (2016)

This video work is on the one hand a very literal reading of "digital pop" and uses the metaphor of an erect middle finger (digit) bursting (popping) balloons as a comment on Europe and its many power imbalances. On the other hand, the work uses the visual language of pop culture in its production being lit, shot, edited and performed as if a mainstream pop music video contrasting high production value (exclusivity) with an accessible trash aesthetic as a synonym for the populus versus the machine, the masses versus the mechanisms of "Big Europe".


In a post NSA world, this work contains many digital (binary) contradictions, hinting at an "In or Out", a "Yes or No", a "Sorrow or Joy" and without offering an answer, seeks to reveal the human at the centre of our cross-boundary collision of identities.

The Euro Witch Pop Bitch had a great party, but scratches an itch. She can't quite remember what happened but by the morning : the damage was done. She remembers very clearly having said no, but woke to found she had been made to accept yes. Wearing pearls of finery, symbolic tears of happiness and sorrow, her thoughtful insights speak thoughtless rubbish ... What she does know is that her middle finger is erect, carries power, and is ready to strike at the heart of our collective identity. What she's still unsure of ... is at whom it should be pointed.


Official selection:

- IVAHM  2016 || Madrid Spain (in tour)

- Athens Digital Art Festival 2016 || Athens , Greece

- TIME is Love.10 [Show 1] || at ZKM, Karlsruhe - Germany.

- TIME is Love.10 [Show 2] || ARTSPACE Tel Aviv – ISRAEL



The tensions between fleeing and remaining, inhabiting and disappearing - abandoned space and the desire to explore.


Camera/edit/sound: Daz Disley

Performance: Fenia Kotsopoulou

"lonely in a crowd; distant, separate from others; something in common, not sure what; crossing boundaries, twisting space. You are here, and I am here. Here but not here at all at the same time."

"HERE BUT NOT HERE AT ALL AT THE SAME TIME" is an experimental slow-motion, slit-scan short, exploring identity, presence and absence in a pedestrian context.
The slit-scan and the non conventional narrative structure that underlies the order and manner in which the "story" is presented aim to challenge the viewer’s traditional view and perspective.


Performance: Fenia Kotsopoulou
Original music: Jason Pottorff

Camera/edits/fx & additional sound design: Daz Disley

The video is part of the permanet collection of CAM- Casoria Contemporary Art Museum- in Naples, Italy.

Official music video for Timeolive's track Dancing Solo.

Original track performed and produced by Corrine Leland and Skully.
Recorded at the Noise Clinic.

Dance composition and performance: Fenia Kotsopoulou.
Location: La Vida Vintage
Camera/edit and FX design: Daz Disley.

Woodland Encounter (2014)

 How can we ever know whether the person we meet really exist externally, if all we have to look at is the image of that person in our heads? How do we know that the other is not a distorted projection of our selves? and even if it is what is that changes in the way we experience the encounter with the other?


Performance: Fenia Kotsopoulou & Daz Disley

Camera/edit/slit scan: Daz Disley

Quiddity: Sunray (2014)

Official music video for quiddity's track "Sunray".


Original track performed and produced by quiddity:

Shot and edited by Daz Disley

Performed by: Fenia Kotsopoulou.

Abandoned place with layers of colour : each room a different silent story.
The wind comes in through broken windows as outside birds are singing.
Inside : I hear my breath, my steps.
I am alone here and my heart beats fast so I dance.
I dance with my fears.


This work is a site specific improvised performance for camera made in Beelitz- Heilstaetten, TB clinic and sanatorium turned military hospital where both Hitler and Honecker were patients. Now an abandoned, haunting, eerie place; shrouded in mystery, occupied by the accumulated memories of thousands of patients. The dance is a spontaneous reaction to the fragmented memories hidden within the walls and the effects both a metaphor and communications channel for the myriad distressed psyches informing the performance.


Performance & Photography : Fenia Kotsopoulou
FX Design, Editing & Post : Daz Disley
Music : Sol Rezza

Shot at Beelitz-Heilstätten, June 2012
FX process :


* Special mention for excellence video dance in "Body in Focus" festival in Portugal

*3rd prize in Without Words Film Festival in France

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  • TIME is LOVE.10 [show 7] || 19 /08/2017 || Galeria (Experiencia) HIEDRA || Buenos Aires – Argentina
  • CALA festival || Museum of the city and of the territory || 21-22/07/2017  || Cori, Italy
  • Contemporary Visions - Video art in loop || 1-16 /06/ 2017 || worldwide
  • FuoriFormato - Festival Internazionale di danza, videodanza, performance || 27-29/06/2017 || Villa Croce | Auditorium Teatro Carlo Felice || Genoa Italy
  • TIME is LOVE.10 [show 6] || 16 /06/2017 ||  Gallery Mcube ||  Nepal India
  • 13th Athens Digital Arts Festival || 19-22/05/2017 || Athens Greece
  • IVAHM 2017 || May 2017 || Madrid Spain
  • TIME is LOVE.10 [show 5] || 24 /04/2017 || SOFIA UNDERGROUND Performance Art Festival || Sofia - Bulgaria
  • TIME is LOVE.10 [show 4] || 4-6 /04/2017 || FIVAC International Video Art Festival of Camaguey || Cuba
  • ScreenDance festival 2017 || 26-28/04/2017 || Stockholm, Sweden
  • Group Exhibition "Property" [collaborative project between Roman Susan and the Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society] for the Chicago's Year of Public Art Events  program|| 01-03/04/2017 || Chicago, US
  • TIME is Love.10 [Show 3] International video art program || 01/04/2017 || Plymouth University, UK

  • 17th edition South Holland Open || 02-09/03/3017 || South Holland Center, Spalding, UK

  • TIME is Love.10 [Show 2] I| 28/ International video art program || 18-19/02 2017||ARTSPACE Tel Aviv – ISRAEL

  • DANCE ON  SCREEN || 29/01/2017 || Austria

  • TIME is Love.10 [Show 1] International video art program || 20/01||ZKM - Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe , Germany


  • VAFA (Video Art For All) || Macau, China (Finalists)

  • WestEnd Lights || Lincoln, UK

  • CONTEMPORARY VISIONS ∞ VIDEO ART IN LOOP || 1-16 October 2016 in 65 different locations (Italy, UK, Argentina, Bulgaria, Greece, Czech Republic, Morocco, Serbia, Spain, Portugal.

  • X-24 Cinema 2016 || Gainsborough, UK

  • Playgound AV  NEW MEDIA ART FESTIVAL || Vienna, Austria

  • FONLAD : Festival of Digital Arts || Coimbra, Portugal

  • Athens Digital Arts Festival 2016|| Athens, Greece

  • IVAHM : International Video Art  House 16|| International Videoart Festival || Neomudejar || Madrid, Spain

  • VII EDITION OF MADATAC || Contemporary Audio-Visual & new Media Arts Festival || Centro Palacio de Cibeles || Madrid, Spain

  • Tanzrauschen - International Dance on Screen Festival || die börse performance venue || Wuppertal, Germany




  • InShadow | 7th International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies || Teatro San Luis || Lisbon, Portugal

  • IVAHM : International Video Art  House 15|| International Videoart Festival || Neomudejar || Madrid, Spain

  • IVAHM on Tour : Addis Video Art Festival || Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • IVAHM on Tour : Laboratorio Alameda || Mexico City, Mexico

  • The Fresh Minds Festival || Texas A&M University || The Arts and Humanities Building || Texas, USA

  • WestEnd Lights || Lincoln, UK

  • Corpo em Foco (NORTE Festival de Dança) || Porto, Portugal

  • FILE (Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletronica) || São Paulo, Brasil

  • 30th Edition  Festival VideoFormes || Clermont-Ferrand, France

  • Les Irrecuperables : Le Semain Flue || Galerie du Génie de la Bastille || Paris, France

  • Athens Digital Arts Festival 2015|| Athens, Greece

  • IX International Videoart Festival MagmART || Museum CAM (Contemporary Art Museum) Naples, Italy

  • MagmArt on tour: Cel.AV Konvent Zero 1st edition || Barcelona, Spain

  • Without Words Film Festival : "Distorsions Temporelles" || Association Les Films Du Gabian || Marseille, France

  • 60 Seconds Dance : pan-Scandinavian

  • ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS || 7th Edition Festival Internacional de la Creatividad, Innovación y Cultura Digital || TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes || Canarias Island, Tenerife


  • Es Baluard Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art || Palma, Mallorca

  • FIVA presented at the Historical Museum Cabildo (Montevideo, Uruguay) "Local Meridian"

  • Urban Decay, VIVO Media Arts Centre || Vancouver, Canada

  •  Online ThreeCities Festival : LA / NY / Santo Domingo (USA / Dominican Republic)




  • GNARL Fest 2014 || Video Installation: Speak, Document, Manipulate || Lincoln (UK)

  • FIVA _ Festival Internacional de Videoarte || Argentina

  • Venice Experimental Cinema and Performance Art Festival  || Venice, Italy

  • FILE (Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletronica) || São Paulo, Brasil

  • WestEnd Lights || Lincoln, UK

  • KitchenSpace || Chicago, USA

  • Homeostasis Lab @ TheWrong || São Paulo, Brasil

  • PPC Gallery’s Pop Up Kino || 48-hours Festival in NeuKöln || Berlin, Germany




  • WestEnd Lights || Lincoln, UK

south holland open
south holland open
south holland open
fenia daz in Tel aviv
daz fenia zmk
ZMK Museum Germany
ZMK Museum Germany
ADDIS Festival (Ivham)
ADDIS Festival (Ivham)
madatac 07



Fenia & Daz's photographic work explores the relationship between postmodern discourse and emotional memories.

With influences as diverse as Wittgenstein and Miles Davis, new tensions are crafted from both opaque and transparent structures.

Ever since they were pre-adolescents they have been fascinated by the endless oscillation of relationships. What starts out as vision soon becomes debased into a manifesto of temptation, leaving only a sense of what could have been and the dawn of a new iconographic synthesis.

As wavering visual forms become transformed through frantic and diverse practice, the viewer is left with a hymn to the edges of our future.


[insight to our creative work by ]

You see what you want to see which is not what we see behind the lens or what we perform for the camera...

"Inhabited places"  -  2014

45x30 Fine art paper framed

"Return to the Inner self"  -  2014

45x30 Fine art paper framed

"Difficult Questions"  -  2014

20x30 Fine art paper framed

"Mad Apple"  -  2013

20x30 Fine art paper framed

"Euro Witch"  -  2016

45x30 || 69x46 || 88x58 Fine art paper


"Flight Theory"  -  2016

45x30 || 69x46 || 88x58 Fine art paper


Becoming Baphomet"  -  2017

21x25 ||  dark room prints

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