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I started moving in flow inside my mother's womb for less than 9 months. After an adventurous birth I left the comfortable space of the womb to come in the world. Since then, I didn't stop dancing, jumping around, rolling, falling and recovering whilst breaking porcelain vases, because of some kick or turn. My first dance studio was a small living room, but fortunately before breaking everything at home, I joined the dance school in my hometown (Pyrgos) at the age of 4. Slowly I became more aware of my body and the surrounding space, even if I  still break vases... but now with creative purpose.


My dance background (since 1999) encompasses training in diverse styles (modern, contemporary, release, jazz, primitive). Graduating in 2009 with BA (distinction) from the National Dance Academy of Rome I moved to Berlin where I shifted more towards improvisation and experimentation, site specific performance, exploration of traditional dances, and contact improvisation.


In 2015, I completed a Master’s of Fine Arts in Choreographing Live Art : an intensive, high- level postgraduate programme in Contemporary Performance Practice, at the Lincoln School of Fine and Performing Arts (UK). This course Informed by critical theory and the latest developments within Live Art, has been a fertile ground to explore a unique combination of contemporary performance practice and cutting-edge somatic investigations where the body is prioritized as the subject, tool and material of the performance event. This learning experience will influence the way that I perceive the Body and how I work in the field of dance and creative movement.


Influential dance artists, somatic practitioners and teachers with whom I studied include: Julyen Hamilton, Keith Hennessy, Sandra Fucciarelli, Oretta Bizzari, Sara Simeoni, Giorgio Convertito, Pavlos Kountouriotis, Martin O' Brien, Araceli Barcenas, Jean-Hugues Miredin, Javier Cura, Barnaby O' Tree,  Cristina Caponera, Gabriella Maiorino, Joseph Fontano and more.


Observation, experimentation, critical reflection, movement research and analysis,  are the main tools I use in order to keep enriching and challenging my dance and somatic experience. At the moment I am interested in:


- Dance and technology/digital practices.

- Dance and community (in form of social engaged activities/projects).

- how and when dancing becomes a political action or protest?











Dance and camera
Dance photography
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