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#TextMe_FluffyLibrary // ”DEVIANT MONSTERS”

January 25, 2019

Occupy Atopos - Fluffy Library art residency




Fluffy and Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou invited Fenia Kotsopoulou and Daz Disley to keep each other company inside Fluffy Library for 7 days and to discover various secret aspects of Fluffy itself.

What could you find out if you sleep in Fluffy and cuddle with the pink little horse for 7 days? What secrets will Fluffy share with you and what kind of stories pop-up from the library and become reality during the night? And when you ask for bedtime stories, will you hear the voice of Fluffy itself·before you fall asleep?
Every day they discover more and more : during the nights, hairy deviances dance and masculine fairies whisper fairytales.

On Friday 25 January from 8:00 p.m. we invite you into a performative audiovisual get-together, with video by CUNTCINEMA and new fuzzy friends of Fluffy. CUNTCINEMA is the continuation of VULVOgraphy, the creation of a portable tiny cinema, which aims to display movies about identity, gender, body, shame and crisis.


x-24 2018

x-church || 14-15 July 2018 |Gainsborough (UK)


"SCENTS OF EVANESCENCE is a solo exhibition in the Chateaux Marcus, during the 24 hours festival x-24 in x-church.

The first 20 anthotypes  (10cm x 15cm) of the on going project and text  of personal memories gathered after the one-to-one photographic session  were displayed in the shed. More about the project here.


Sofa ArtResidency

F-L-A-T 5 || 16 May 2018 | Nottingham (UK)


For her Sofa Residency at F-L-A-T-5, artist Fenia Kotsopoulou will blend acts of courage and acts of removal, creating the ground for investigating body and shame. The residency will be an opportunity to experimentally explore issues around body-hair and other societally-unwanted features of our physical experience – those which give rise to feelings of shame. On the 16th of May the first outputs of the residency will be displayed in an interactive installation at F-L-A-T 5.


Small Group Show by SARC (Slumgothic Artist Resident Curator)group
x-church || 18 November 2017, Gainsborough (UK)


Solo exhibition inside a shed located in x-church, Gainsborough 2017, part of the Small Group Show by SARC (Slumgothic Artist Resident Curator)group.

A video instalation- screening of two video works: "F" (2017)and " What Beauty Feels Like" (2015).

Photo exhibition of the series: "DEVIANT WOMEN".


CALA fest 2017 (Contemporary Actions Loose Aesthetics)

Museum of the City and the Territory of Cori || 20-22 July 2017 | Cori (IT)


A video and photography exhibition which brings together different aspects of Fenia Kotsopoulou's cross disciplinary practice. The exhibition is designed based on three audio-visual stations, with the aim of offering a multi-layered experience and understanding of the creative process emerging from the attentiveness to the Body as message and messenger at the same time.


Station #1

"Deviant Women" (self-portrait || video performance): Body as site of (de)construction of female identity and constant place of un(becoming).


Station #2

"Becoming Camera" (video & photography performance || installation): The symbolic gesture of removing the lens and separating it from the body of the camera opens new possibilities to revisit the process of image making and display from a different perspective.


Station #3

"Responding to b(ORDER)" in collaboration with Daz Disley. (video & photo installation). An audio-visual response to the on going state of limbo and crisis, dominating the socio-political context which surrounds us.


University of Lincoln

LPAC || 30 May 2015 | Lincoln (UK) 


An installation in which the space was designed based on five stations with the aim of offering a multi-layered experience and unerstanding of the creative process emerging from my research. Each station displayed visual traces of the project : video, photographs, vulvographs, artifacts and the resultant prototype - the “V(ulv)amera”.

In the meantime a photoperformance was taking place in which the visitors had the possibility to become participants in the vulvographic image-making process.

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