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Pavlos Kountouriotis (GR/UK) is a performance artist, choreographer and performance theoretician.

He has worked with seminal choreographers and live artists such as Trisha Brown, Ron Athey, Marten Spangberg, Boris Charmatz, Meg Stuart, Mehmet Sanders, Ann Liv Young Kirsten Debrock and many others and he is an artist of the Sweet and Tender Collaborations.

His own performance work has been presented in several countries in Europe and US. He is also the Artistic Director of GNARL fest, the East Midland Platform for International Live Art.

Pavlos is a Ph.D. research student at Roehampton University under the Sacred Heart Scholarship. He is also a research associate at "Performance Matters" (Live Art Development Agency, Goldsmiths University, Roehampton University). Pavlos has received twice the prestigious scolarship of DanceWEB Europe, the Onassis Foundation Scholarship, the Asian Europe Foundation Scholarship, the State Scholarship Foundation of Greece, the Fullbright Scholarship a.o.




Fragments of Experience - (documentary about PTOSIS)

short documentary

November 12, 2013

"Fragments of Experience" is a series of video documentaries that Fenia did in order to encapsulate the choreographic process of "PTOSIS" and help it find a new life. PTOSIS (2013) was a choreographic process, conceived and facilitated by Pavlos Kountouriotis during a two week 24/7 residence at SOZO Visions in Motion (Kassel, Germany), directed by Deborah Smith-Wicke. Fenia worked as choreographer assistant and videographer/photographer.


This video documents only some tiny fraction of the work and functions both as a historical record and as a new artwork itself. 


More about "PTOSIS" and its process:  //!works


Video of the performance:



Kristina Becker, Arthur Haas, Johanna Honkanen, Jerimia Jerimia, Pavlos Kountouriotis, Fenia Kotsopoulou, Hanna Lee, Marianne Linder, Tina Machulik, Koeun Park, Oovi Patrao, Alex Polupanow, Swarna Rautiainen, Céline Riat, Caroline Servollek, Viktoria Trow-Poole, Timothée Uehlinger, Serja Vesterinen 


Choreographic Process

Pavlos Kountouriotis


Assistance to the Choreographic Process & Videographer of "Fragments of Experience"

Fenia Kotsopoulou



September 04, 2011

A quirky dance performance of two haunting ghost bodies and their fragmented parts. After almost seven years of not having perfomed together, Fenia and Pavlos revive on stage the past that has been lost, the photos that were never taken, the performances that never happened, the music that we never danced to, the something that you wanted to watch desperately but you missed it out.


Performance / Choreography : Pavlos Kountouriotis & Fenia Kotsopoulou

Presented at : Aktzeichnen Atelier (Berlin)
Production: Aktzeichnen Atelier (DE) & In Vitro Culture Tube (GR)
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A "Dancewalk" is a site (un)specific dance performance through the city organized by Pavlos Kountouriotis.


Score: Dance Walking combines three of our favorite things:
1. Interacting with people
2. Seeing the city
3. Dancing


The idea is that we all have our mp3 players that we synchronize on a 1 hour tracklist (dance compilation) and we walk and dance together through the city. Fenia with her camera is there to dance, bounce and film the experience.


A score inspired by Ben Aaron who has developed what he calls..DANCE WALKING FITNESS

DanceWalk (1)

in Kassel - during DOCUMENTA (13)

September 07, 2012

Dance: Johanna Honkanen, Fenia Kotsopoulou, Vasileios- Pavlos Kountouriotis, Marianne Linder, Annette Pflug, Deborah Smith Wicke, Tina Morisson


Video: Fenia Kotsopoulou

Editing: Fenia Kotsopoulou, Pavlos Kountouriotis,

Project Facilitation: Pavlos Kountouriotis

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From 27th of October until 1st of November 2014 in Lincoln School of Fine and Performing Arts, too place the second edition of GNARL fest: the East Midlands Platform exhibiting International and National Live Art. An intensive week of performances, installations, screenings, workshops and discussions over drinks led by emerging and acclaimed UK and international artists. From burlesque to trash, and from transgressive to guerrilla acts, GNARL Fest created an  unprecedented event in Lincoln. The festival included artists from more than 20 countries with 2 International and 5 UK Premieres and more than 40 videos & films.


Artistic director/curator: Pavlos Kountouriotis

Program coordinator/documentation/curator: Fenia Kotsopoulou

web designer/documentation: Daz Disley

  • Facebook - Black Circle
  • YouTube - Black Circle

The 2014 Program Included:


- 2 Workshops: “Going In & Out” - Dance Technique Workshop led by Stella Zannou (GR) and “The Rising” - Performance Art Workshop by Martin O’Brien (UK)

- 2 On Going Performance Installations: “Placeball” by Pavlos Kountouriotis (UK/GR) & Astarti Athanasiadou (NL/UK) and “D.I.R.T” by Anthi Kettirou & Emilios Theofanous (CY);

- 1 Autobiographical Exhibition: “Me & My Twin” by Vagia Kapousidou (GR);

- 1 Song Lecture: “Be As It May” a song lecture on Malevic by Perrine Bailleux (FR);

- 1 Concert with Visual Projections: “Tales From The Figment Club” by Mental Health (UK);

- 2 Dance Performances: “L.O.L.A Lone” by Stella Zannou (GR), “In-Between” by Walter Bickmann (DE);

- 2 Experimental Dance-Theatre Performances: “Series” by Marko Milic (RS), “Last Plays” by Lucie Eidenbenz (CH);

- 1 Live Art Performance: “Crap” by MA/MFA Choreographing Live Art & The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein

- 1 Full Length Film: “Teenagers” by Paul Verhoeven.

- 40 Video Art Works from International Artists (France, Greece, UK, USA, India, Sri Lanka, Iran, Argentina, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Canada, Belgium, Peru, Pakistan)

- A Variety of Performance & Live Art, Sound-Art and Academic Researches showcased in SoundSpiral: “Hyperouranios” by Biljana Bosnjakovic, “An Experiment In Frozen Sound” by Duncan Chapman, “Bounce” by Daz Disley, “Fading - Feminism - Practice - Process” by Karen Savage, “Resonation” by Jeff Cloke, “Quantum Soup Solo Male Voice Choir” by Simon le Boggit, “Words of Rage” by Mary O’ Neil & Angela Bartram, “Umwelten plus” by Annie Morrad & Emma Osbourn, “SUPERsize” by Sophie Cero, “Make me cool” by Antonio de la Fe, “Pigs of a time” by Sally Lemsford.

- 1 Halloween Party with Guest DJ


VOLUNTEERS: Zara Kazmi (communication office) // Luca Nichol (press) // Pedro Vilela (camera/documentation)


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